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eduMedia Elementary

"What day is it? What is today's date? How many weeks in April? Distinguish today, yesterday, tomorrow. So many abstract questions that represent a great challenge for our students. Here is a bit of concrete to accompany you."
"Dear primary school teachers, you will fall in love with this little gem of animation on the arithmetic operations (+ - × ÷)."
"These Romans are crazy! The animation "Representation of the numbers", from the month of December, inspired this antique version. Besides the manipulation of figures, the quiz portion is a very stimulating exercise of logic for small and big from VII to LXXVII years."
"Pepper is a plant, salt is a mineral. It had to be said, once and for all."

eduMedia Secondary

"Glucose intake depends on the frequency of meals. How does our body maintain a relatively constant glucose level even between meals?"
"Beautiful illustration about the history of life since the birth of the Earth 4.6 billion years ago. This animation shows that Life is, at the same time, very patient and very fast. Do you know that we are in the 6th great extinction."