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Total Pole Airship


In  the context of the fourth annual polar year, the explorerJean Louis Etienne, with the participation of large numbers of partners and sponsors,  pilots the Total Pole Airship expedition.

The primary objectives of this expedition are  to measure the thickness of thepolar ice floe (sea ice) in order to measure the effects of global warming, and to establish a point of reference for future studies. In addition, an attempt is to be made  to measure the  precise positions of the North Magnetic Pole,  and the magnetic field of the Arctic Ocean.

These measurements were supposed to take place during April and May 2008, when the thickness of the sea ice is at its greatest, but the dirigible was destroyed in January, 2008.

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  • To illustrate the physical principles chosen by Jean Louis Etienne in order to measure the thickness of the Arctic ice floe.
  • To introduce the climatic, human and geopolitical issues involved in global warming in this part of the world.