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Classification of living things HTML5

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This animation approaches the theme of the classification of living things via successive nesting in groups defined by a common attribute (characteristic). It shows how a selection of animals and plants are classified into nested groups according to the current classification of living things.  The classification system used in this animation is nonetheless simplified.

Click on a living thing to see its position in the current classification system, via successive nesting, from the largest group down to that  group which corresponds to this species.

Click on 'previous-image' or directly on the boxes to return to the previous nesting level.

Click on 'rewind' to erase all the boxes.

Learning goals

  • To understand that living things are classified into nested groups according to attributes that they possess in common.
  • To approach the notions of species, of biodiversity and of evolution.


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One finds on Earth a great diversity of species of living things. This is what is called biodiversity.

What is a species? Two living things are members of the same species if they can reproduce…

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