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eduMedia Elementary

In our newsletter for April 2017, you enjoyed our animations on fractions. Here is the exerciser that completes this collection.
How many minutes are there in a week? What natural phenomenon makes it possible to measure a duration of a month or a year? Did you know that a candle was used as a time measuring instrument? Take the time to discover time.
An animation so simple and effective to teach concepts and skills related to numbers (numeracy). So nice when played on a touchscreen. Give it a try and you will understand that this animation will soon become a must during your teaching.
"Forty-three", "4 tens and 3 units", "43", are three representations of the same number. You can use this exerciser as an animation for teaching, or a revision tool for the student.
3D representation of the 8 planets of the solar system accompanied by their identity card. Indeed, Neptune and Uranus also have rings.

eduMedia Secondary

This is how the tide phenomenon modifies a landscape (Brittany). An original use of this animation is to teach the construction of a graph or its reading.
This collection of animations covers everything you need to teach about vectors: Components, module, vector sum. Of course, you can do it on the board but interactivity will save you valuable time.
The famous experiment of Sir Francis Galton. A must in probability to introduce the normal distribution.