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What did the Earth look like 200 million years ago? Is there a relationship between earthquakes and volcanism? How many continents, tectonic plates are there? Are there mountains beneath the oceans? Do you know the names of two major oceanic currents? How can we explain the link between the climate of a region and its latitude?

EduMedia's "Interactive Earth" collection answers all these questions, but above all, it stimulates your curiosity and that of your students. You will be charmed.

eduMedia Elementary

Here is the exerciser that completes the eduMedia collection on numeric lines. Your students will be able to practice, with positive or negative numbers, whole or decimals, small or large numbers.

eduMedia Secondary

A bimetallic strip makes it possible to estimate the temperature by exploiting the property of thermal expansion. When it is made of conductive metals, it can act as a switch for an electrical circuit.
An aircraft flies at constant speed when the sum of the four main forces cancel each other out. What happens if the thrust force disappears?