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School License

School license is granted to schools through yearly or multi-year subscriptions. A School license gives all teachers and students in a school the following rights:

Services offered:

eduMedia authorizes the publication of simulations or videos on educational websites (e.g. a teacher's blog or personal site, distance learning platform, digital workspace, school intranet).
For this purpose, eduMedia provides an embeddable reader ( <embed> code) ready to be integrated into your HTML pages. As a result, an eduMedia resource can be viewed as if it was part of the user's website.

Restrictions: if the embedded reader is used on open access site (blog, personal site, etc.), only 5 publications are authorized (videos or simulations).

"co-creation": Teachers and students of a registered school are allowed to include eduMedia graphic design (still images, video capture) to create their own quiz, document, video.
The School licence grants to the author the unlimited time rights to use and share freely its "co-creation" once the conditions below are filled: 

The unlimited time rights above allows the author to use and share its éco-creationé, even on the internet. The author reciprocally grants eduMedia the rights to use and publish the video on eduMedia website in a non-commercial way.

Author and eduMedia share the same right to demand the removal of an internet publication.

These services are strictly reserved to registered schools. eduMedia resource and "co-creation" made out of it may not be used by a publisher, business or museum without the express written consent of eduMedia.
The authorizations mentioned above are only valid for non-commercial educational activities, and are strictly limited to the staff and students of a registered school.
Under no circumstances may simulations and "co-creations" be included in educational products of a commercial nature.

The rights granted by a eduMedia resource are non-exclusive and non-transferable
Only the uses listed above are authorized.