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Classification of vertebrates HTML5


This animation approaches the theme of vertebrate classification via use of a series of nested boxes, with each member of any series defined by a group with common characteristics. It shows how a selection of vertebrates are classified via the nested boxes, and according to the current  classification of living things. The classification used in this animation is, nonetheless, simplified.

Each animal is represented in a particular series of nested boxes, with each box representing, from largest to smallest, a group to which that animal belongs. Click on  an animal  to move from box (group) to box to see the successively smaller groups to which that animal belongs.

Click on  or directly on the boxes to go back to the preceding box.

Click on to erase all the boxes.

Learning goals

  • To understand  that vertebrates are classified  in nested groups defined by the attributes they have in common.
  • To approach the notions of species, biodiversity and evolution.

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We find on Earth a very great  diversity of living species. This is what is meant by the term biodiversity.

As for the vertebrates, they represent less than 10% of all known species.

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