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Synaptic transmission HTML5

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This animation presents the major ionic and molecular events at the origin of the synaptic transmission of an action potential from the pre-synaptic to the postsynaptic neuron.

Learning goals

  • To understand how an action potential can be transmitted from a pre-synaptic to a postsynaptic neuron.
  • To analyze the ionic and molecular phenomena involved in synaptic transmission.
  • To illustrate the chronology of events that ensures synaptic transmission.
  • To understand how degradation enzymes are at the origin of the cessation of synaptic transmission.
  • To clarify the role of pre-synaptic transporters in the recapture of certain products of enzymatic degradation.


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A synapse between neurons is a narrow zone of contact between the pre-synaptic button of one of the neurons and the postsynaptic cell body of the other. When an action potential propagates along…

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