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Density altitude HTML5


The force of lift, which enables an aircraft to fly, depends directly on the density of the air. Performance levels are always established according to a reference called the standard atmosphere.  Flight conditions being rarely standard, one has recourse to the density altitude in order to estimate the standard altitude (ISA) that has the same value as the density of the air you are in.

Click and rotate the pointers on the dials. You can also click and drag the control on the altimeter setting.

Learning goals

  • To distinguish Pressure Altitude from Density Altitude.
  • To teach the importance of density altitude in terms of aircraft performance.
  • To simulate the effects of variations in external temperature  (OAT) on the density of air.

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Lift, the amount of thrust provided by the engines and the distance available for takeoff are factors that are all directly related to the density of the air. Performance  levels are always…

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