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Cranial CT scan HTML5


The  technique of Tomodensitometry  (TDM) is often referred to as a “scanner” because of confusion between the process itself and  the apparatus employed in that process. This imaging technique depends of the use of x-rays. It is particularly useful for observing the brain.
The x-ray beam is emitted by an x-ray tube and is then transformed by a detector into an electrical message that is sent to a computer.
The system emitter/detector is moved around the patient and computer analysis of received signals, from different angles, enables the creation of images in section.
Credits: département de neuro-radiologie - CHU Henri Mondor - France

Click and drag the cursor vertically alongside  the head. A CT section of that part of the brain appears to the right.

Learning goals

  • To illustrate the images in section that the scanner makes possible.
  • To recognize the different parts of the cranial cavity

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