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Thin Layer Chromatography HTML5


TLC is a quick technique for separating and identifying compounds present in a mixture by having them pass through a fixed, inert medium (alumina, silica…) with the aid of a mobile solvent (gas or liquid)  which carries them through the medium.  Each component of the mixture travels through the medium at a different rate as a result of its solubility in the solvent and its affinity for the fixed medium.

TLC  is also commonly used to assess the effectiveness of a purification.

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Learning goals

  • To understand how TLC is carried out.
  • To understand how Rf is determined from the raw results on a TLC plate

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There are several methods for carrying out a chromatography procedure. Thin Layer Chromatography, or TLC, is a solid-liquid technique which involves a solid stationary phase and a liquid moving…

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