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Seed anatomy HTML5


Seed plants are divided into two main groups: angiosperms (flowering plants) and gymnosperms (coniferous trees and shrubs). Angiosperms ovule is located in the carpels of flowers. After fertilization by a pollen grain, the ovule turns into a seed inside the fruit. In gymnosperms the bare ovule is sheltered by scales grouped in a cone. It turns into a seed after being directly fertilized by pollen grains contained in the male cones.

Whatever its origin, the seed houses the embryo of the future plant and nutrient reserves necessary for its development, the unit is protected by a more or less rigid shell called the integument.

Learning goals

  • To understand the structure of a seed.
  • To understand the roles of the different parts that make up a seed.

Learn more

Well protected inside the seed, the embryo (or seedling) consists of three main parts of the plant:

  • the radicle becomes the main root
  • the stem or hypocotyl becomes the stalk
  • the…

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