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Metamorphosis of tadpole HTML5


The frogs belong to the order of amphibians. These are vertebrates, tetrapods (four-legged), oviparous (they lay eggs).

The early life of a frog is aquatic. The eggs hatch in fresh water and the larvae, called tadpoles, are more like a fish than a frog. The tadpole is fully adapted to aquatic life. He breathes through gills and moves with a fin. It is herbivorous in the first few weeks.

During its growth, the tadpole turns into a frog, a carnivorous land animal, moving with 4 legs and breathing with lungs.

Click in the timeline or click on play.

Learning goals

  • To know the stages of development of animal metamorphosis
  • To know the life cycle of the frog: birth, growth, reproduction.

Learn more

An adult frog's breeding age is at least two years. During reproduction, the female lays between 2000 and 6000 eggs that the smaller male, hanging on her back, fertilizes as they are released.…

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