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Electricity consumption HTML5


Do not confuse power (Watts) and energy (kWh=kilowatt hour). Power is displayed on a label attached to the device. But on the electricity bill, it is the energy used that is charged for. The energy E is linked to the power P by the formula:

P = E /  t

t represents the duration of use (expressed in hours).

A device may indicate a high power but have low energy consumption over a year if not used much. An iron could be like this.

Conversely, some devices whose label indicates low power such as a lamp or refrigerator can be expensive users of energy because they are used frequently and over long periods.

In the "electric meter", click on a device to turn it on or off. Click "Report value" to create a statement of the electrical consumption.

Learning goals

  • To distinguish between electric power (W) and electrical energy (kWh).
  • To know how to read an electric bill. 
  • To know how to read an energy label. 

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