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Angular Magnification HTML5


Distinction between linear magnification and angular magnification. You can horizontally drag the lens and vertically drag the "apple" to enlarge it.  
Only magnifying glass behaviour is shown here.

A converging lens can act as a magnifying glass. This requires that the object is at a distance less than the focal length OF.
In this case, the object is very close to the lens and the image is magnified in the same direction.
If the object is beyond the focal length, the effect of magnification is no longer possible.

The magnification is the ratio of two angles (not the ratio of two lengths!).

G = α '/ α

α '= angle subtended image.

α = angle at which we see the object.

Click and drag the lens in front of the object.

Click and drag the head of the penguin to change its size.

Learning goals

  • To understand how lenses and magnifying glasses work.

Learn more

The linear magnification is defined by:

γ = A'B '/ AB where' B 'is the image height AB and the height of the object

It defines magnification when the object and image are viewed in the same…

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