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Nearsightedness HTML5


Pedagogical animation of the myopic (nearsighted) eye. Myopia is a condition where the eye is too long in relation to its refractive power. The light rays thus intersect, forming an image, in front of the retina. Notice that nearsighted people typically see well up close, but have difficulty seeing far away.
The corrective lens modifies the focal length to shift the point of intersection to the surface of the retina. We also show that correction moves the "near point" away from the eye.
You can click and drag the object to move it along the optic axis.
Diagrams are not drawn to scale.

Click on the different parts of the eye to show the labels.

Click and drag the candle along the optic axis. 

Click on 'lens' to add the lens.

Learning goals

  • To understand nearsightedness and how a lens is able to correct it.

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