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Bibliotheek licensie

Last updated: August 20, 2020

The « Library » License applies to any Users to the  « Library » offer who wish to take advantage of eduMedia’s online services. This license is the contract that binds the members of the library to eduMedia. It supplements the Terms of Use as published on the Site.
Please read these 2 documents carefully, as they are the terms that govern your use of the eduMedia website and services.
For the purposes of this document, the terms below are defined as follows:

Excluded from this « Library » license are schools, virtual schools providing online education and, more generally, any public or private institutions that provide distance education, such as home school systems, review sites, MOOCs. These establishments should contact eduMedia to find out which license applies to their activity.
Also excluded from this « Library » license are museums, associations, foundations, corporations, parents practicing home schooling and private companies, all of whom are invited to contact eduMedia to find out which license applies to their activity.

ARTICLE 1 : Who is the « Library » license intended for?

The « Library » license applies to a User who can justify a valid « Library » offer Subscription.

For a « Library » Subscription, the « Library » licence applies to all Users from the subscribed Library.

If you are not a User as defined in the introduction and you cannot justify a valid « Library » Subscription, you are not bound by the « Library » license. Unless you prove that you are eligible for another eduMedia license, you are not authorized to use the Site or its related services.

Using the Site is permitted on any device inside the Library building, or at User’s home through the Library portal as long as it is secured with a membership access.
As a result, using eduMedia resources into schools is strictly forbidden. Schools and teachers are invited to read the « Education » license.

However, it is permitted to use eduMedia resources and the site in front of students or teachers when they attend a special event (science fest, workshop, conference, etc.) organized by the Library. Projecting or publishing an eduMedia resource during outreach activities, or outdoor events is not part of the « Library » license and the registered library should contact eduMedia to describe the project and get a written permission.

The present license is non-transferable.

ARTICLE 2 : Use of the Site

Some of the Site's content and services are accessible free of charge. Others are only accessible as part of a Subscription. A User has access only if a Single Sign On (SSO) connector has been implemented between the online service and eduMedia.

The « Library » license allows the Users to consult all of the Site’s content or just part of it, depending on the type of Subscription. Some services and functionalities are deactivated like “full screen”, “Video capture”, “Screenshot”, “Share”, “Favorite”. In addition, the users will not have access to the “Teacher's Area” which is aservice exclusively reserved for teachers in accordance with the terms of the « Education » license.

eduMedia may discontinue some or all of the Site features or services at any time, with or without notice.
The present license is not exclusive and non-transferable.

ARTICLE 3 : Sharing and Assignment of Copyright

Unlike the « Education » license, the present « Library » license does not grant any rights to Users to share any of the eduMedia resources in any way. As stated in the article “Copyright”, all content of this Site is the property of eduMedia and Subscribers are not allowed to resell or share, even for free, any content or lines of code of the Site.
The only authorized use permitted by this « Library » license is the consultation of the eduMedia resources when connected to the Site.

Any User who does not comply with the above conditions runs the risk of having their account closed, and at worst, prosecution for non-compliance with copyright.

ARTICLE 4 : Copyright

The content of this Site (animations, videos, class sheets, interactive exercises, graphics, etc.) and any software or computer programs required for its use, are protected by the Intellectual Property Code and applicable international standards, and are, unless otherwise stated, the property of eduMedia.

The eduMedia company does not grant the User, and more generally, any Inernet visitor, any rights other than those described in this « Library »  license and in the Terms of Use as published on the Site.
Any use of the Site content or any of its elements in a way that contradicts what is laid out in the terms of this licence will result in civil and criminal liability for the User.

ARTICLE 5 : Modification

This « Library » license could change. These changes may occur at any time without notice. Users are therefore invited to consult this license on a regular basis.
The most recent date of modification of this « Library » license is indicated at the top of the page.
Any further use of the Site by the User constitutes acceptance of this « Library » license and the Terms of Use as published on the Site.

ARTICLE 6 : Acceptance

The User confirms having carefully read each clause of this « Library » license as well as of all the Terms of Use and agrees to comply with all of these terms.