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Terms of Use

Last updated: December 5, 2018

Welcome to eduMedia

For the purposes of this document, the terms below are defined as follows:

ARTICLE 1: Objective

These Terms of Use are intended to define the terms and conditions for use of the eduMedia service.
Please read them carefully before exploring the Site or using eduMedia resources. They constitute the legal framework for the use of our services. Simply using the Site, whether in the free consultation mode or as part of a Subscription, is equivalent to accepting the Terms of Use. If You do not agree with every one of the conditions in this document, do not use the Site.
eduMedia offers several different types of Subscriptions. A subscribed User must be familiar with the terms of the user license associated with the service provided. The terms of the license complete these Terms of Use without modifying them. See user licenses.

ARTICLE 2: Modalities of registration on the Site

You can consult the Site free of charge without registering. The consultation mode allows you to make sure eduMedia Resources work well on your devices and to find out more about the eduMedia pedagogical model. The eduMedia Resources are limited in consultation mode, which does not authorize use of the eduMedia Resources in the classroom or in public. 
Only our Subscriptions with secured access authorize projections in the classroom or in public, as well as unrestricted use of eduMedia Resources and related services. The subscription request is entered when you have correctly completed the registration form and paid for the Subscription with the methods of payment available.
Once you have made your payment, you can connect to the service in one of following ways:

You may have to make some adjustments on your side at home to finalize connection to the service.
Consult the "Éducation license" or "Library license"  to find out more about the applicable conditions of use.

ARTICLE 3: Technical specifications

The HTML5 format of eduMedia Resources allows operation on most web browsers. The Site and its contents have been designed for use with a broadband Internet connection. The User must have access to at least one computer or mobile device equipped with a web browser and a subscription to an Internet provider.
eduMedia Resources are not designed to work on small screens (<8 inches). Some resources include sound.
Some services, such as video capture, may not work on certain browsers and/or operating systems, including iOS. Since eduMedia cannot guarantee the compatibility of its Site with all current or future devices, please make sure that You are completely satisfied with our services before you subscribe.
eduMedia uses SSO connectors (CAS, SAML2, OAuth, OpenID Connect ...), which allow you to interface with some existing LMS or document portals. If a subscribed User wishes to access eduMedia Resources through an SSO connection, the User will have to check with eduMedia's technical team to find out if such a connector exists.

ARTICLE 4: Method of payment and when the contract comes into effect

The Subscription takes effect upon reception or confirmation of payment. Payment methods and rates may differ depending on subscription plans and countries. The price of the service is the one shown on the online subscription form. Once the payment has been made, the subscriber will receive an email stating the date on which the contract takes effect.

ARTICLE 5: Respecting copyright

The content of this Site (animations, videos, lesson plans, interactive exercises, graphics, etc.), as well as all the software necessary for its use, is protected by the Intellectual Property Code and all applicable international standards, and is, unless otherwise indicated, the exclusive property of eduMedia.   
The Site may only be consulted for pedagogical and educational purposes, in accordance with the conditions herein and under the conditions specified in each user license. eduMedia does not concede any license or right to the User other than that of consulting the Site for the aforementioned purposes.  Consequently, the User may not:

Any use of the content of the Site or its elements that conflicts with the terms and conditions herein will give rise to the civil and criminal liability of the User towards eduMedia.
If the User violates any of these conditions, eduMedia will be within its rights to suspend access to the Site and/or terminate the User's subscription without notice, and keep any fees the User has paid.

ARTICLE 6: Personal information and cookies

Respect for User privacy is very important to eduMedia. We invite you to consult our Privacy Policy in the "Personal Information” document, available here.

ARTICLE 7: Disclaimer

eduMedia is responsible for maintaining the online service and the accessibility of the server that hosts its Site, subject to occasional interruptions for maintenance. eduMedia may not be held responsible for interruptions due to other causes, such as possible saturation of the Internet network or if the subscriber's hardware, connections or software are defective, incompatible or have insufficient technical capacity for this type of use. It is also up to the User to ensure that any filtering or protective software they have put in place do not prevent access to the Site. To the best of its ability, eduMedia endeavors to ensure the accuracy of the information on the Site and keep it up to date, reserving the right to correct the content at any time without prior notice. However, eduMedia cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information made available on the Site.
Consequently, eduMedia declines all responsibility:

ARTICLE 8: Force majeure

In the event of a force majeure, neither party may be held liable to the other party for failure to perform or a delay in performance of any obligation in this contract due to the other party, as is usually recognized by French case law.

ARTICLE 9: Modifications

These Terms of use may be subject to modifications in accordance with the eventual evolution of the eduMedia online service.  These changes may take place at any time and without notice. The User is also invited to consult these Terms of Use on a regular basis.
If these Terms of Use are modified, Users with a Subscription will receive an alert in the form of an email or a pop-up on our Site. 
If these new conditions seem unacceptable to You, stop using the services of eduMedia (and claim a pro-rated refund based on the period of use).
The date of the most recent modification of theseTerms of Use is indicated at the top of the page.
Any further use of the Site constitutes acceptance of the licenses and Terms of Use as published on the Site.

ARTICLE 10: Contact information

Any notifications or other correspondence should be mailed to the following address:
eduMedia - 8 Rue Borie 33300 Bordeaux, France, or you can email us using our online contact form

ARTICLE 11: Applicable laws

The User's Subscription and these Terms of Use shall be governed by French law. Any dispute concerning the interpretation, validity and/or execution of the terms and conditions herein shall fall under the exculsive jurisdiction of the courts of Bordeaux (FRANCE).

ARTICLE 12: Acceptance

The User acknowledges having read all articles in these Terms of Use and agrees to respect all of them.