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Molar mass HTML5


Molar mass is the mass of a mole of a substance, whether it is an element or a compound. The mole is a unit in the International System (mol).  It  represents the number of atoms or molecules.  This number, known as Avogadro’s  Number, is enormous:   NA =  6.022 X 1023. It is perfectly adapted to chemical calculations.  It is clearly easier to  manipulate .5 moles of atoms than 300 thousand billions of billions of those atoms, even if the these two numbers represent the same thing.

  • Atomic molecular mass is the mass of a mole of atoms.
  • Molecular molar mass is the mass of a mole of molecules.

Click on an atom or a molecule.

Click on the  button to calculate the molar mass.

Learning goals

  • To find the molar mass using the Periodic Table.
  • To calculate the number of moles contained in a gram of sodium chloride.
  • Calculate the mass of a mole of carbon dioxide.

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