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Motion of the center of mass HTML5


A hammer is thrown up in the air. A stroboscope illuminates the hammer at uniform time intervals when you select "stroboscopy".
The trajectory of a particular point A can be plotted. It is also possible to move this point on the hammer to highlight the specific case of the center of mass (also known as center of inertia or center of gravity).

The shape of the path is complex except for a very specific point: The center of mass.

Click and drag the point A on the hammer.

Click on or to play/stop the animation. 

Learning goals

  • To illustrate the distinctive features of the center of mass while studying the motion of a rigid body. 
  • To get a stroboscopic view of the parabolic free fall of a body.

Learn more

The center of mass is also called the center of inertia, center of gravity, or centroid. This is the point of a solid which greatly simplifies the study of the movement of the body.

The center…

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