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Multimeter HTML5


The multimeter is an electrical measuring instrument that combines the functions of an ammeter (current measurement), a voltmeter (voltage measurement), and an ohmmeter (measurement of the value of resistance).

This animation simulates the action of various electrical quantities. All configurations can be tested and any resulting connection errors are indicated.

Click on a terminal to draw a wire. Click in the middle of a wire to disconnect it.
Click on a multimeter graduation to move the selector.

Learning goals

  • To know how to measure voltage, current and resistance with a multimeter.
  • To understand how to connect a multimeter for each mode of operation.
  • To understand the role of the graduations in measurement accuracy.

Learn more

To measure electrical quantities with a multimeter, you must:

  • know the type of measurement (current, voltage, resistance, and AC or DC amplitude)
  • properly connect the multimeter in the…

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