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Sexual Reproduction in Angiosperms HTML5


This animation represents the sexual reproduction of a flowering plant (Angiosperm): the apple tree (Malus pumila).

It illustrates the formation of the male and female gametes in the reproductive organs of the flower. It is comprised of the formation of pollen grains in the anthers and the embryonic sacs in the ovules.

Also, because of the pollination, the meeting of male and female gametes is produced: this is the double fertilization that gives rise to the seed.

Learning goals

  • Understand how male and female gametes are formed in the flower.
  • Illustrate double fertilization in angiosperms.
  • Understand the origin of the seed.

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The flower is made up of many organs that allow for the sexual reproduction of Angiosperms (or flowering plants). Reproductive organs are properly named the stamen (male), which contains the…

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