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ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) is an experimental nuclear fusion project aimed at providing almost unlimited renewable energy. It involves subjecting heavy hydrogen atoms to extreme temperatures and pressure in a confined medium in order to cause fusion of the atoms, thereby reproducing what happens in the stars. The excess energy released during this process can be used to produce electrical power.

Check 'ITER' in order to set the parameters of heating and confinement.

Check 'DEMO' to see an illustration of the future power plant project.

Learning goals

  • To show an example of magnetic confinement: the magnetic bottle.
  • To show the problems which must be solved on the way to controlled fusion processes.

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The goal of ITER is to produce energy from  Fusion reactions.  The matter has to be brought under conditions like those in the core of a star, attaining sufficiently high densities and…

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