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Diffraction HTML5


When a wave arrives at an opening of very small dimension (on the order of magnitude of the wavelength), it is diffracted, that is to say, the wave front is rounded and widens.

Behind the slit, areas of minimum and maximum amplitude appear in the form of lines which diverge from the center of the opening.

The width of the opening of the slit and the wavelength are important parameters of the diffraction phenomenon.

Drag the sliders to change the parameters of the experiment.

Click and drag the sensor on the screen.

Learning goals

  • To understand for what conditions it is possible to observe a phenomenon of diffraction.
  • To simulate the relation between the width of the slit and a waves wavelength in the diffraction phenomenon.
  • To relate the phenomenon of diffraction and interference phenomena by applying the Huygens-Fresnel principle.

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When the incident wave passes through the slit, it expands to reach all areas even behind the obstacle. This waveform distortion is characteristic of the phenomenon of diffraction.


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