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Menstrual cycle #2 HTML5


This animation presents the modifications of the uterine wall (or endometrius) during the menstrual cycle that lasts on average, 28 days in the female.

The endometrium is a muquosa which comprises the internal wall of the uterus. During the cycle, it thickens. Then, if no embryon produced from fertilisation of an egg by a sperm cell is implanted into the endometrius, the superficial layer of this muquosa is eliminated: this is menstruation.

This animation allows you to put into context, the uterine cycle with the ovarian cycle: the 14th day of each cycle, one of the ovaries liberates an ovule (an oocyte).

Learning goals

  • Understand the origin of menstrual flows.
  • Understand the steps in the menstrual cycle.
  • Combine the ovarian cycle with the uterine cycle.

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