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Microphones HTML5


A microphone is a transducer that converts a mechanical (acoustic) wave to an electrical signal. From this point of view, it is the symmetrical opposite of a loudspeaker. There are different types of microphones. In each case, we find something vibrating under the influence of a sound wave and the use of a physical law to convert this mechanical vibration to an electric signal.

Learning goals

  • To define what is called a transducer.
  • To distinguish between different microphone technologies.
  • To illustrate an application of capacitors (used as accelerometers).
  • To illustrate an application of Faraday induction.
  • To illustrate an application of piezoelectric crystals.

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The microphone enables us to convert a mechanical (also called "acoustic") wave to an electrical signal. It occupies a position opposite but symmetrical to a loudspeaker in the chain of…

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